My Yoga is driven by the ambition to free women
 from from toxic relationships, with themselves & others.
To free them from social conditioning, low self-esteem, hypersexualisation… Anything that hinder their creativity and sensuality,
so that they dare to express themselves in all the ways
& live the life of their dreams …

“Thank you for being there when I needed to let go of all this accumulated pressure” D.R.
“It’s the first time I found a practice that makes me flourish & I feel bliss not pain” L.G.
“It was fantastic. I love the moment when you stopped the music and took time to explain the importance of breathing consciously. Fondamental. Thank you” S.M.

Want to work with me cultivate a blissful state of mind that will radiate through your skin & release your full potential ?

My style goes from restorative/yin to very intense vinyasa flows
– i’m a huge lover of backbending & inversions practice –
I adjust the classes levels/intensity depending on the demand, but also to moon tides 🌚🌊

Here’s what we can do :

  • A single 1 hour session for $80 € 
  • An intensive of 2 sessions of 2 hours for $200
    Price for one person. Group, add $10 per person.Pro tip : put me in touch with your guests/clients and get $5 commission per/pers <3

To book :

Send me an email to,
Tell me what
you are looking forward to cultivate,
how much time we will have to work together (between 1h and 4hrs)
& also when + where would be most convenient for us to meet.
Validate your registration by payment via Paypal.
Cancelation : 100% if over 24hrs in advance. 50% if in last 24hrs.

NB :
Sessions happen in your home/hotel in Dominical, or if further away the roundtrip cab ride will be additional

Are you ready to BLOOM ?