Namastay away from Facebook

Have you ever asked yourself who you would still hang out with / think about / talk with if you weren’t on Facebook ? 

I did. I started realizing how Facebook can be a dangerous tool for our brains, like the meat part of yourself. Brains works like any of your body’s muscles. So, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are as a person, your brain is played by this social media. It is just the way it works.

Would you still really like this asshole if his life wasn’t appearing under your scroll like a billion time a day ?
Wouldn’t you feel better about yourself if you just stopped comparing yourself to this/these girl(s) ? 

You open the app cause you got some notifications on the last cool picture you posted & BOOM, before you know it, your thumb, I mean : OUR thumbs are scrolling on the news feed, our eyes are processing SO MANY INFORMATIONS… & so does our brains…
Sometimes you might even end up watching a video when you were having a REAL conversation a minute before… and the scariest to me is that it keeps you attached to people that don’t give a single crap about you. Not only lovers, friends as well.
It takes so much space in our minds… and time !

Don’t get me wrong, I think social networks are great !
World keeps in touch, shares, and it keeps people journaling in a world that has a lot of trouble writting on something else than a computer or phone… me included.
I don’t write nearly enough as I wish, yet 😉
But this also could be done on Instagram, which to me is way harmless than Facebook. It also has it’s own consequences that can be very toxic, but TO ME (once again) it is a way more motivational & inspiring place for people to share.

Facebook has so much clutter… You’re polluted by faces you should be leaving in your past, by people’s opinions about anything and everything – and most of the time it will mess with your emotions…  And before you know it, it sneaks on you and give you anxieties you wouldn’t have. I swear.

My Twelve Seven Steps Detox From Facebook & Phone for a healthier & happier life 

aa94c120051de52058fd73c8f37df30cStep 1 – Block toxic people.
All of dem who annoys you. For any reason. Ex, collegues, people who makes it hard in anyway to feel good about yourself. For whatever reason : the way they look, they speak…
Free yourself from these bad vibes.

Step 2 – If you can’t block…
All of dem people that you love but don’t love you back : unfollow them. Immediatly.
Stop waisting your energy for people who doesn’t deserve it.
You’ll move on.

Step 3 – Delete the app for your phone.16144148_10158097793400300_238438414_n
Like right now. From now on, you will check your notifications from your computer, this will save you lots of time already !
Post a message on your wall to let your friends know that for anything urgent they have to contact you by text or mail.

Step 4 – EVEN BETTER : News Feed Eradicator
Two months ago I heard about a plug in that changed my digital life ! Seriously !
It blocks all the feed & remplaces it by an inspiring quote. #Meetmyhandintheair


It allows me to still be able to keep my profile active, to be sharing and connecting with my friends :
I can post, check my notifications, my friends’ walls by searching their names without having my mind cluttered so much…
It’s the most liberating thing I’ve done for myself in 2016.
I keep thanking my old self for this.


Step 5 – Desactivate all push notifications from your phone, even the ring please. & ESPECIALLY the flash ! 
My phone is constantly on  silent & do not disturb mode. Except when I’m expecting a call, a delivery or a driver. If I wish to see if I have messages, calls, notifications : I have to unlock my phone. Otherwise, it stays quiet, even the screen stays black.
And when I unlock it : still no push ! Only number appears on the apps to let me know I have notifications.

Step 6 – Put your phone on plane mode when you sleep (this should actually be step 1 but oh well…)
Sleeping is sacred.
Phone away.

Step 7 – Challenge yourself to grab your phone as long after you wake up & as early before bed that you can.
This one is harder that you may think.
I’ll write about it once I’m better at it, cause I’m convinced of the great impact it can have.
Just like daily kryas. It’s just not happening in my daily life, yet.
I know better not to say “never” anymore !

Skeptical ? 
Try to trick your own brain & see for yourself how powerful it is on your mind & life !
Simply pay attention to when you say “I am..”, when you speak out loud but even in your head : you are what you think you are !
When you say I am, you are creating a reality for your brain, therefore for your life.
It’s pure magic for you to use on your life.
Know that the tiniest effort is always “noticed”, and just like the practice of asanas & anything in life, the more consistent you are, the more you’ll see results. 

Call me crazy if you want but please, just try to do otherwise and let me know how it works !
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